Website for teaching HTML to everyone. I conceived of this website after returning to web development from a long hiatus. I used this project to learn HTML5 alongside ReactJS, but while doing so, I noticed an old problem had resurfaced in the new world: HTML is often misunderstood and misused. For example, there's an ugly proliferation of div tags. Div tags have no semantic meaning, yet many sites seem to use them for everything, often in place of proper semantic tags.

I believe the real problem is that today's web developers do not maximize their use of HTML. I think this issue stems from the widescale adoption of user interface libraries and frameworks like Angular, React, Svelte, and Vue. These tools abstract the web's view layer by allowing users to build everything in components. Component driven development has been growing in popularity for years, because it makes reasoning around and maintaining complex user interfaces easier. But a lot of new web developers seem to have missed a fundamental point: HTML is already organized into components. They're called elements! We just have to use them properly.

This website hopes to fix these problems by educating web developers.


HTML.Haus provides:


This entire website, all sample code, and APIs are free and open source, using the MIT license.


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